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INW Computer Excellence, LLC is your one stop shop for all things technology related.  We strive to handle your all of your business’s technology needs.

Raffle Management Software:
Our flagship product INWCE Raffle Management System, or RMS for short, helps organizations manage the rigorous procedural and documentation requirements of raffles in Washington and Idaho. This intuitive system allows organizations to track a raffle ticket from the time it arrives from the printer to the storage shelf to when it is sold to the customer. The system allows you to keep contact information on customers and analyze trends.

Please note: RMS is not currently available to be licensed. We are in the process of rewriting the entire application using Microsoft server technologies. We expect to have the Microsoft based version of the system available to demo by June, 2014. In the future we intend to add support for raffle procedural requirements of other states.

Custom Software and Customization:
Whether you are looking to create an online helpdesk or to customize our Raffle Management System to help manage the Inland Northwest’s largest $1.00 raffle we can provide cost-effective solutions to suit your needs.  Each project is different and has a unique set of requirements.  Your project will be expertly managed from development to implementation. Once your application has been fully developed we can offer high availability application hosting and ongoing maintenance and support to ensure you get the most out of your application.

Web Development:
The design and style of your website are just as important as the look, feel, and layout of your storefront.  The systems involved in maintaining websites and directories are complex and sophisticated.  We take this seriously and aim to make these sophisticated systems simple enough for the average Joe to manage.

Maintenance and Support:
Maintenance and support agreements are recommenced for custom software and web development projects. These contracts cover minor changes in scope and cover fixing any issues that come up after your warranty ends. They also cover many support calls which deal with minor user retraining and general use questions.

Enterprise Computing Support:
We specialize in supporting enterprise software running on Windows Server 2008 or above utilizing Oracle or Microsoft SQL server technologies. We also offer desktop support. Desktop support is limited to Windows Vista or above. Desktop, Server Administration, and Database Administration are not included in RMS maintenance and support but can be added on a per incident or annual basis.

Inland Northwest Computer Excellence, LLC

Please remit payments to:
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